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Lead by former Royal Marines Commandos, trained in maintaining operational fitness for duty.


Inspired by the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is part of the formula for our success, whether it be weight loss, toning or endurance goals.


Our sessions are split into 4 parts:

'Bottom field' themed warm up.

Circuit training

The randomiser

  • 2.4 km timed camp circuit

  • Pyramid circuit

  • Bleep test and 2 minute best effort stations

  • Assault course

  • Team games

Stretch off







To aid your development, our regimes are formulated into 3 different programmes.

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This is were the journey starts!
  • 12 session certificate
  • 25 full press ups in 45 s
  • 10 min 30 s 2.4 km camp circuit time
  • 60 full press ups in 2 mins
  • 70 full sit ups in 2 mins
  • 3 instructed pull ups
  • Level 11 bleep test
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